New Startup by Highschool Students to Turn Dry Leaves into Paper


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Elissar News
A new startup LEAFIX, by four highschool students has started an eco-friendly project, by processing “trash” into useful component, the startup by 17 year old, Hiba Ajib, Majd Al Awar, Sally Hatoum and Joe Ghosn, will be revealed on the 24th of April, in a competition for startups held by rural entrepreneurs in the Spot Mall, in the city of Chouaifat.
The four students wrote in their statement presenting their project:
“A problem is a chance for you to do your best”, our country, has been and is still suffering from a spacious number of critical problems and difficulties, however the Lebanese people have always showed the strong will that turns challenges into opportunities. Environmental problems are just as serious as any other problem our beloved country is facing, but that was only a reason for us, a group of high school students to gather and come up with an eco-friendly startup that takes advantage of fallen leaves and turning them into paper products. For us, innovation is the solution that suits every problem in which we have participated in a competition for startups held by rural entrepreneurs, a leading NGO that implies entrepreneurship emerging in rural areas, and we will be pitching our idea in front of judges and investors on the 24th of April at the Spot Mall, Choueifat.
This project and similar projects, worths recognition and is part of raising consciousness towards dealing with environmental issues. In this case, it follows the 360-degree approach which is based on what is popularly known as the four R's: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover, “Reduce” to avoid making demands of virgin materials i.e. trees, “Reuse” by using the discarded dry leaves, and “Recycling” them to “Recover” a useful product, paper.


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