Corona Invades The World: Now Present In 141 Countries and Territories… cases exceeding 145,000


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The number of newly infected cases by Corona virus worldwide, or COVID_19, have reached 145,400 cases around the world, noting that number of officially registered deaths is 5416, as this virus has spread to 141 countries and territories in the world (including the Diamond Princess ship).

The number of cases in some countries has increased significantly, as Italy recorded the largest number of cases 17660 cases, which is the highest rate of new infections in the world, and 1,666 deaths, 400 of them are new deaths, followed by Iran, with 11,364 cases, about two thousand are new cases and the number of deaths is 514, which is the largest number of deaths in the world after Italy, and the number of cases in South Korea has become 8086, including 107 new cases, while the number of deaths has increased to 72 with 12 new deaths recorded, Spain (2970) new injuries total (5232) to exceed France, and the number of deaths in Spain has reached 133 to date, in contrast, the new infections in France recorded 1381, and the total is 3661, without any deaths, in USA, cases have reached a total of 2651 and 50 deaths, and in the Arab countries, Qatar has the highest number of cases among them, total 320 of which 58 are new, and in Iraq, the total number of cases reached 101, but it is the largest Arab country in the number of deaths, as it reached 9, while in Lebanon the total reached 77 with the registration of 9 new cases, and number of deaths are 3!

In the Arab countries, Kuwait recorded 100 injuries, Egypt 93 injuries and two deaths, Saudi Arabia 86 cases, United Arab Emirates 85, Palestine 35, Algeria 26, Sultanate of Oman 19, Tunisia 16, Morocco 7, Sudan and Jordan, each of them, and Mauritania the first case.

Photo by Cyber Security expert Ghassan Baltahji and from his interactive map for Coronavirus Baltahji's Tracker

Translated from an Arabic version by Suzanne Abou Said Daou

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